Emergency medical care and evacuation organizations

05.12.2022 - 01.05.2023
Medical Supplies

Emergency medical care and evacuation organizations

Hospitals and emergency services are among the most severely damaged infrastructure objects in Ukraine. As a result, even seriously injured or sick people often  have to be transported over a hundred kilometres to the nearest working hospital.

The responsible ambulance staff and volunteers risk their health and their lives every day. The lack of material to adequately care for the patients is at times financed out of their own pockets. However, since the beginning of the war, a kind of "bidding war for medical materials" has emerged on the international market - demand is high, prices have risen steadily. For some companies, this means: rich profits.

For Ukrainian institutions and individuals, however, it means: ever greater difficulties in re-supplying with the goods they need.

Thanks to a grant from the "Gewerkschaften helfen e.V." association, we are able to secure a temporary supply of individual goods. Further information:

See"Lifesavers 4-Ukraine" project