Lifesavers 4 Ukraine

Medical Supplies

Lifesavers 4 Ukraine

Donation IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit (approx. 100€/each)

are special first aid kits that helpers can carry with them in danger zones. In an emergency, they ensure that severely injured people can provide themselves and others with first aid and are real, i.e. they are real lifesavers. They are needed, for example, by volunteers who - at the risk of their own lives - evacuate other people from war zones close to the front.

Donation of portable ultrasound equipment (approx. 2.750,00€) and other portable diagnostic equipment

A portable ultrasound scanner enables rapid diagnosis on the spot, e.g. of internal bleeding. Thus they are often life-saving. These small devices work on commercially available computer tablets and are specially protected for emergency use outside. Other devices monitor other vital bodily functions on the critical first trip to hospital care.

Medical Consumables

There is a high consumption of dressing material, material for stabilising bone fractures, material for warming and cooling as well as material for the application emergency medication. The aim is to ensure a reliable and plannable supply of the necessary working materials.

Hospitals and emergency services are among the most severely damaged infrastructure objects in Ukraine. As a result, even seriously injured or sick people often have to be driven over a hundred kilometres to the nearest working hospital. The responsible ambulance staff and volunteers risk their health and their lives every day - for a mini-wage, if one at all. With this money, they often still buy the material that is missing to be able to care for their patients adequately. We cannot leave our colleagues alone with this predicament. Since last year, 4-Ukraine has been using its own funds to deliver modern medical technology and consumables to Ukraine every month. Moreover, since the beginning of full-scale war, there has been a kind of bidding war for medical materials on the international market. As a result, some companies are making rich profits. At the same time, Ukrainian institutions are no longer able to supply themselves with materials, or only to a very limited extent, because of high prices. We buy in larger quantities and at humanitarian rates.  Constantly waiting to see if and when the next delivery will arrive causes considerable stress on the part of those working on the ground. Therefore, the emphasis is on a steady flow of materials that can be counted on locally.