1000 sleeping bags

01.11.2022 - 01.09.2023
Energy and heat dept.

1000 sleeping bags

Bombed-out energy infrastructure, long waits in icy underground shafts or basements during air-raid alerts, freezing in emergency shelters as refugees far away from the combat zone - in order to make a small contribution, we at 4-ukraine set ourselves the goal in late summer 2022 to buy 1000 winter sleeping bags for the people in Ukraine before the onset of winter and to distribute them locally in cooperation with our Ukrainian partners.

However, it is clear that the destruction of houses and flats continues unabated in summer, too, leaving people homeless. With our now well-established delivery structures, it now only takes days for the sleeping bags to arrive on site in Ukraine after we receive a request.

1038 / 1000 sleeping bags delivered ✔

Thank you very much for your support!