Since the beginning of this war, a considerable part of the aid for the people in Ukraine has not been provided by large aid organisations, but by individuals, and private initiatives. From an aid mission shortly after the start of the war in March 2022, the idea was born to support directly and in personal exchange projects and institutions on the ground that have no relevant access to humanitarian aid. What began with rescue services, intensive care units and operating theatres has since grown into a long list of individual aid workers, reception facilities for internally displaced persons, educational institutions, air-raid shelters and much more.

We now have an extensive network of Ukrainian partners. They are our eyes and ears and tell us what is needed on the ground. They transport most of the relief supplies for us - at their own expense. They keep the documentation of our work at the place of action and thus ensure that every donation is transparent as to what it has achieved in the end. And last but not least, whether we achieve the goals we have set ourselves. To this end

  • 4-Ukraine works entirely on a voluntary basis, i.e. no personnel costs are incurred.
  • we avoid extra administrative, accounting or rental costs
  • Every donation reaches the project for which it was given, down to the last Euro
  • Each project is coordinated closely with local partners to meet┬átheir needs.

We provide help in two core areas:

1) Heat and power - from sleeping bags and blankets to stoves and power generators, we supply these basic needs for a humanely dignified life.

2) Medical supplies - mainly for emergency and intensive care as well as special health facilities with which we cooperate.

You can choose which of these two areas you would like to donate to, or you can take a look at the related projects. On the project pages there is the possibility to donate for single projects.

Thank you very much for supporting us!